Unique Existence: Music as Art

“You have got to see them live,” said all of our ‘hipper than us’ friends about some band we have maybe heard of. Getting past their pretentious air, our ‘hipper than us’ friends have a very solid point. There is ‘something’ about live music. That same something manifests in fine art.

In our contemporary society, digital media is the main platform in which we engage in the arts. The role of technology in the lives of the average citizen is universal and to imagine how many people consume digital media daily an enormous audience has been assembled. Which in turn means that more people can see more things. More people have access to information, and more over people have access to the arts.

In this way digital imagery is the modern media of democratizing art. This takes the pieces out of the gallery, museum, and collection, and puts them on a tiny glowing screen behind the control of your fingers. I love to see this interest in art and especially in fine art, but I think there’s one fundamental flaw with moving your experience of art to the digital space. And it is the same reason our friends insist you go see them in concert.

James Nagel Photography Darkside 2014–1–24 http://jamesnagelphotography.com/portfolio/577/

The reason is the experience of the awe, thrills, and goose bumps. You could fall in love or be completely repulsed, but a personal physical experience is essential to the purpose of the creator and the consumer. It is for the very witnessing of the act and object of performance. Artists and Musicians alike create to be heard, to be seen, their work is to move us, the collective existence of people.

The slippery, intangible concept of aura is what gives us those goose bumps, the thrill of the live performance its unique existence. To experience the unique existence of a performance or an art object your physical body is required.

Art is and always will be a totally subjective way of looking at the world. Go engage in art and music’s unique existence in time and space. Re-familiarize yourselves with one another and expose yourself to live music and

Art is there to connect to you. It is part of our shared humanity.

So go to that concert, go to the gallery, the museum. There are things to be seen and heard, there are auras to be encountered. Go out and feel.