Beseech — User-generated bounties on Kin

be·seech /bəˈsēCH/ 
verb: ask (someone) urgently and fervently to do something; implore; entreat.

I’m the developer of Beseech, a new App built as part of the Kin Developer Program. As we launch our App in a very beta stage, I wanted to spend a few minutes writing directly to the followers of Kin to explain what we’re trying to achieve, and how you can help us get there.

The core user-flow for Beseech is simple: Do someone a Favor, earn some Kin. Ask a Favor and offer some Kin as a reward.

What is a Favor, though? We take some liberties with the word, but today it can mean:

  • Advice. Responses are short answers to your question. Basically, the idea is to ask anything that needs a personal touch; something just out of reach of Google — like advice on the best Econ professor at your university — or some personal advice about restaurants or bars that would otherwise have you spending an hour on Yelp.
  • Competitions or micro-tasks. Right now, we just support sending a picture with your response, but that’s enough to cover a multitude of activities. Send me a picture of lecture notes from yesterday, show me the best steak in town, or go find a treasure chest I buried and claim a prize.

In the future, the vision is to add support for Classified ads, messaging, coupons/deals for local businesses. If you need something, we want to be the first place you think to go. The concept was born from wanting a local Fiverr, and not until Kin was there a medium of exchange that worked for everything from trivial advice to trading items.

How is Kin awarded? This depends on the options chosen when the Favor is created. Private favor Kin is totally controlled by the creator. For public favors, half of the reward is given to the answer chosen by the creator, and the other half to the answer with the most Likes when the Favor expires. Poll rewards will be distributed to participants.

This is a location-based app, but we understand that these apps are essentially worthless without an audience. Because of that, we have an option to create a global Favor. This will allow users to start interacting with each other immediately, and provide a use for the app. We recommend using that feature for your tasks for now until we establish some users in your area.

We’re focusing on making sure things are stable and our services are working for launch period, but stay tuned to the KinFoundation reddit for some announcements soon about competitions with significant Kin rewards, and many other earn opportunities in the app over the next weeks.