Politics not Production

Given the overwhelming emotionalism of this present political season it is baffling to me why people don’t have better things to attend to. I think the country is on some bazaar paranoid ego trip. It’s been especially concerning to me who, at least in general, is more concerned with my personal issues; notably my good fortune at the extent of my banquet.

Nonetheless it is difficult attempting to remain at the cusp of the maelstrom given the strange cross-cultural enthusiasm pulling us downward into this spiraling vortex. The nation faces many challenges, the most basic being survival of national structures which give livelihood to us all. And yet customary protocols are diverging and both parties seem disjointed in their efforts to meld with new developments. Political leadership, contrary to modern hype concerning adulation and worship, is well behind the curve.

So I, in defense of actions judged aggressive, simply point to my own independent judgement in accordance to my experience. In terms of experience, with what is generally acknowledged to be esoteric to any people’s lives egalitarian movements humankind trifles itself with, I am ancient.

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