Hearts and Maps Analogy

Highway or Beach ? Original Photography by Thomas Cunningham

our Hearts are like compasses and our Minds are like maps.

Most people are extremely skilled in using one of these two tools to navigate through life accordingly.

A rare few know how to use both.

Those that strictly use the Compass rely on our heart for guidance. Aspects like intuition, gut feelings and overall vibes guide these beautiful people through life.

Those that use the Map rely on their minds or intellect for guidance. Aspects of facts, science and reasoning direct these amazing people along their paths in life.

Typically, either side of each of these types of people, don’t care much for the usages of the others aspects. At times, they are in great conflict with each other, often criticizing the other’s way of thinking and living. Demeaning the other’s way of living.

There are a rare few individuals that can utilize both of these tools, making them uniquely special. These types of people have amazing potential and can impart massive change upon others who only use one of the two tools in life.

It is not always an easy road for these individuals traveling through life.

A lack of understanding is the biggest culprit and due to it, they often wither away or succumb to madness.

These two tools are analogies not for navigating through the physical world but for navigating through our inner world; our inner spirit, call it consciousness or even perceived reality.

How we interact with the physical world is defined and determined by how our inner world perceives it.

-Our Hearts, just like the Compass, gives us the ability to know direction: North or South, East or West. One can navigate their world by using this tool but there will be some limitations on how far they can travel.

-Our Minds or our Intellect just like a Map, give us the ability to know the world around us as a whole. One can travel great distances and explore the vast regions of the world around us. The concept of a Point A and Point B can be both created and utilized by using the Map as their tool. Applying Goals or destinations in which to reach or strive for.

Usage of either of these tools separately can lead one to unique accomplishments in their own right.

But, being blind or dismissive of the other can apply great limitations on what we can accomplish in our lives and the world around us all.

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