Self-Realisation is God-Realisation
Younus AlGohar

Good! Quite an informative post.

There is only one Soul in one body. As that Soul leave, the body is considered as dead.

Self Realization is nothing but to know “who am I”. To differentiate the Soul and the body lets take an example of ‘I’ and ‘My’

  • You say ‘my hand’, ‘my eyes’, ‘my head’ likewise ‘my phone’ etc. We never say ‘I am hand’, ‘I am eyes’ or ‘I am phone’. This means everything falls under ‘My’. So the one who says, “this is ‘My’” is the owner that is ‘I’.

This is what exactly you need to realize. In this era Self Realization have become easy only in 2 hours with the grace of The enlightened One. To know how? click on:

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