Love Begins Where You End
umair haque

Very true, “Love is our own pure being another in the same way brings out unconditional love”.

When you see the other person through the medium of Egoism based knowledge which is the intellect then “Love” does not arise.

When the EGO(“I”) is associated with “Pure Soul” like “I am pure soul” and see the other person as pure soul then “Pure Love” will come into being. Associated with this you should know who is the doer, because constantly we judge ourselves and others based on doership. Consequently we either like or hate which leads us to imprisonment.

With absolute knowledge which begins from “SELF- REALIZATION” you can release yourself from all false projections and opinions. You can dissolve your mind and attain Final Liberation. I have found the path of Akram Science which is giving the PRACTICAL experience of “PURE SOUL”.

Here is the link, if you want to explore:

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