My First Blogpost

Okay so 13 years have passed since I wrote my first blogpost on the internet. First was LiveJournal, then I did Blogspot for a while, moved on to Wordpress, then finally to this blog back on Blogspot and that’s what I’ve been using to archive all the important news and information I come across, and all the things I create — Art, music, texts, etc.

Facebook has been an unavoidable tool for the dissemination of information since everyone is on it (and no one seems to check their emails anymore), but I don’t really use it much I guess since I’ve got no mobile data on my phone and no apps (not a single one) other than the ones that came with it when I bought it. I still call people and use SMS text messages to communicate.

And now I’m here, on Medium, doing what I think is blogging. Let’s see what happens.

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