So why is Unilever knowingly picking this grammatically incorrect name? And what should we do next as we know these spineless companies will do nothing?

Following the global uprising for the Black Lives Matter movement, Unilever faced a fresh round of backlash for their discriminatory brand Fair & Lovely that promoted and monetized colorism for 45 years. Unilever responded by saying they will rename the product to “Glow & Lovely” and remove words like “fair”, “lightening”, “whitening” etc. from their marketing while keeping the skin whitening product formula intact.

The name is grammatically wrong and makes no sense. But it…

I randomly met an artist who showed me a sketch she had made from her imagination that looked a lot like me. That sketch was her interpretation of Goddess Kali. Coincidentally, “kali” (uncapitalized, a derogatory term meaning dark skinned) was also the word used to ridicule me for my dark skin. This synchronicity transformed my life and put me on my path to fight colorism.

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Kali — The Dark One

I’ve been ridiculed for being dark skinned all my life. The fair skin obsession in India doubled my self esteem issues as a teenager and I was constantly discriminated against because of my dark skin…

Priyanka Chopra is not a scam artist, but she has successfully profited from perpetrating colorism, racism and bigotry.

So if you hadn’t heard yet, The Cut ran an article calling Priyanka Chopra a global scam artist and then later had to take it down due to social media backlash. It was very obviously biased against Priyanka Chopra as it is extremely sexist to imply that a highly successful woman like her, who has all the money and fame in the world already, needs to scam and trap a white American boy to make it in Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra doesn’t need any help in that department, she is richer, more successful and more famous than Nick Jonas is, without…

Seema Hari

Fighting colorism, telling stories, creating art and writing code.

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