OutSystems — An Emerging Low-Code Platform for Rapid Digital Transformation

The market for low-code app development has quickly flourished in the past few months owing to increased need for business agility and growing pressure on IT teams to deliver faster solutions over multiple channels. These platforms have not only decreased the technical debt for old legacy systems but have also reduced the total cost of ownership, and increased productivity of developers significantly.

In the era of digital transformations, low-code platforms drive innovation more swiftly. They have several core features such as the ability to integrate all data formats and protocols, one-click automated deployment with continuous integration and delivery, an array of application types (headless, mobile, workflow, transactional), and full-stack visual development. All these features make these development platforms the first choice of developers for app development.

7 Reasons to Choose Low-Code Technology Platform

Wondering why should you invest in above-mentioned technology for your next project? Below are 7 good reasons worth your consideration.

  1. Minimum Risk with Higher Returns on Investment
    These platforms are easily customizable and provide in-built cross-platform, security, and data integration capabilities. As a consequence, developers and enterprises can pay heed to the core business activities instead of putting efforts and time in identifying and solving technical problems.
  2. Build Once and Deploy Everywhere
    The apps that are once built on low-code technology platforms can be easily deployed to mobile or desktop environments. You can also build apps for multiple channels rapidly.
  3. Innovative Functionalities
    Low-code platforms eliminate the labor-intensive and time-consuming task of hand coding an app. As a consequence, developers can easily customize the apps and create innovative functionalities to cater to the business needs.
  4. Maintenance of Full Lifecycle of App
    You need to update your apps with new features and bug fixes periodically, even after a successful launch of the app. It’s easy to deliver new features and make complex updates in a short span of time with this platform.
  5. Enhanced Stakeholder Satisfaction and Engagement
    These platforms enable developers to build and update apps swiftly and deliver a fully functional app to the stakeholders in a few days, and sometimes, in the matter of few hours. Dynamic and short iteration cycles result in more active stakeholder engagement.
  6. Management of Multiple Apps
    Low-code platforms reduce the lead times, thus enhancing compliance, security, and transparency. These platforms use common infrastructure to manage multiple apps simultaneously.
  7. Elimination of the Requirements of the IT Skills
    It’s not mandatory to have years of experience or knowledge of specific languages to create apps with these platforms. Since non-technical stakeholders can also build their own prototypes, they need not to wait for IT support.

Scenario When Low-Code Platform Can Be Used

This development platform can be used in the following cases:

  • For building and managing multiple apps simultaneously.
  • For reducing the backlog of web or mobile apps development.
  • For creating app for all major mobile platforms.
  • For extending any layer of an app with custom code.
  • When you need to consider iterations and lifecycle management.
  • When you are using mobile apps as a competitive advantage.
  • For handling complex mobile requirements like sensor integration, on-device business logic, offline data, and ultra-responsive user experience.

OutSystems — An Overview

OutSystems has emerged as one of the best rapid application development low-code software platforms. A recent survey states that 74% of OutSystems customers accelerated their software delivery speed by 6 times or more.

OutSystems combines advanced mobile capabilities with the power of low-code development. This Rapid Application Development Platform (RADP) provides all the needed tools and environment to developers to build, deploy, and manage custom enterprise apps with ease. OutSystems development companies can integrate their apps with the existing systems via OutSystems. Full stack visual development, single click deployment, and other unparalleled functionalities of OutSystems enable faster development and deployment of enterprise apps.

OutSystems Review

OutSystems has received various awards and accolades for its high performance.

  • On the basis of research frequency by prospective buyers and the end-user scores of satisfaction, TrustRadius (one of the most trusted review sites for business technology) has named OutSystems as a 2017 Top Rated Low-Code Platform.
  • In Magic Quadrant for Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service 2017 Report, Gartner has named OutSystems as a Leader.
  • Forrester has also recognized Outsystems as a Leader in its Forrester WaveTM report.

Features of OutSystems

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of all apps usage and performance
  • Completely scalable through APIs
  • Fully secured functionality
  • Quick mobile app deployment and monitoring
  • Complete DevOps automation
  • Access control and permission management
  • Native support for Agile development
  • Integrated debugging engine
  • Multilingual support
  • Full support for Batch Processes & Scheduling
  • Integrated debugging engine
  • Support entire app development life cycle

Benefits of OutSystems

OutSystems offers the following benefits to the enterprises:

  1. Unbeatable Speed
    OutSystems features high-productivity visual development and provides power tools to deploy and manage your apps.
  2. Effortless Integration
    OutSystems lets you integrate your apps to any system without any hassle.
  3. Great User Experience
    With this platform, developers can deliver responsive web apps and engaging native mobile experiences. Real-time performance dashboards further ensure awesome UI.
  4. Easy Extension of Apps
    OutSystems empowers you to extend your apps with your own backend and front-end code.
  5. Enhanced Scalability
    OutSystems offers greater scalability to apps and enhance their performance irrespective of complexity, data volume, and number of users.
  6. Built-in Security
    OutSystems has the latest security features that assure safety of your apps in all the phases — from design to deployment.

The Crux:
OutSystems has been crafted with great attention to detail to help organizations enhance their digital capabilities and develop enterprise-grade apps quickly. The broad features and tools for collaboration, integration, and database make OutSystems one of the most popular low-code platforms and a recognized industry leader.