Important Plumbing Materials That You Should Always Keep In Toolbox

Image Source: Steelsparrow

Regular use of plumbing products like pipes, fixtures, faucets, taps, valves and pipe fittings often cause problems of leakage and dripping. In order to fix these plumbing problems, you will be required to have your own set of plumbing tools at home. This way, you can fix any water leakage related problem and save a lot of money that you have to spend on the plumber. There are numerous types of plumbing materials available in the market which you can apply for different types of plumbing related issues. You can easily buy these plumbing products online or from any local shop.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the important plumbing materials that you should always keep in your toolkit.


Fittings are actually metal links which attaches the pieces of pipes together. Some of these are made to connect different sizes of pipes while others are manufactured to divert the flow of water in pipe. Fittings which are manufactured using same material as is used in making of pipes are considered good for screwing and welding.

Elbow fitting, which is also known as “ells” is available with variety of angles and are applied to change direction of the pipe.

Cross Fittings is a y shaped fitting which is used to provide two way directions. You can reduce these fittings in to various sizes as per the requirement of the pipe.


Without pipes no plumbing project can be completed. There are a variety of pipes that are available in the market in a wide number of sizes and shapes. These are used to transmit water to the faucet and sink.

Plumbing snake:

Clogged drains are a common plumbing problem in households. There are many ways you can handle it. If you notice the clog early when it is not so severe, you can fix it with a good plunger but if problem of clog in your kitchen drain is severe, you will require a plumbing snake or auger to fix this issue. But before purchasing a plumbing snake, it is essential that you check out whether or not your drain can be safety cleared using them. There are some situations where plumbing snake can-not work. If you have galvanized pipes in drainage system, plumbing snake can make your problem worse. Galvanized pipes are usually weaker than the new plumbing materials and do not possess capacity to hold against the plumbing snake.


Hangers are used to provide support to those pipes which runs along the walls or ceilings. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used to tighten hanging pipes.

Flexrock packing:

Flexrock packing is used to cover the leaking pipes and traps. It is a metallic, self-forming packing that is used to cover leaks.

No matter whether you are buying plumbing material online or offline, always make sure they are of optimum quality. If the plumbing products you have bought online are not up to the mark, they can make your life hell.