Types Of Hand Dryers And Their Comparison With Paper Towels

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While making fixtures in your bathroom, you will basically come up with two choices for drying hands. The first one is hand dryers and the second is paper towels. Have you ever thought which one is the better choice? If you are about to buy hand dryer online or offline or purchase a paper towel for your bathroom, getting some information regarding their usage and types can help you a lot in making the right choice.

Let’s discuss how many types of hand dryers are available in the market and whether or not they are better than their counterpart i.e. Paper Towel.


The manual hand dryer

This is the oldest model of hand dryer and is operated manually by pressing the button provided on the device. On pressing the button, the device releases the hot air for a fixed time period. If your hands do not get dried within that time, you will have to press the button again. From the point of hygiene, these devices are not good as they require touching again and again to press the button.

The automatic hand dryers

These devices get activated when you place your hands below them and start releasing the hot air. Automatic hand dryers come equipped with laser detectors which triggers release of hot air when you place your hands below them. Most of these devices release heat for particular time period but nowadays several new models of automatic hand dryers have also come up in the market that provide hot air continually till the time you remove your hands.

Comparison of Paper Towels and Hand Dryer


Hand dryers are more effective in killing germs than the paper towel. Drying of hand with hand dryers leaves behind only 9% of bacteria while the percentage of bacteria that are left behind after drying of hand with paper towel is 13%. Moreover, most of the hand dryers you will find in public places or offices are usually touch free which further reduces the chances of bacteria transferring to you.


People are living under the misconception that paper towel are cheaper than the hand dryers. Buying hand dryers is a one-time investment while paper towel requires continuous purchasing which proves costly in the long run. Moreover, the labor that is required to change paper when it gets used also adds to the overall cost.

Energy Consumption:

For manufacturing of one ton of paper towel, lots and lots of wood is required. In addition to that, during its pulping production, several chemicals are used which not only cause cancer but also badly affect your immune system. The hand dryer that are being used nowadays are more energy efficient than the traditional one and use less electricity.

Online stores are the best place to purchase these devices especially if they have an offline base in the place where you are living as well. For example if you are living in Delhi NCR, by buying a cheap hand dryer online in Delhi NCR will save the cost of shipping.

I am freelance writer. I love to introduce the society.

I am freelance writer. I love to introduce the society.