Architects, Never be Afraid to Ask Help

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There is always a part of you that you desperately need someone to help you improve your skills or to help you overcome a certain problem in a particular project. That one person you always wanted to ask help is the person who is credible, reliable and successful.

Do you know what to do?

“Have the courage to reach out and ask help!”

Simply reach out and ask help from someone. However, the problem is that you are just afraid to ask help because of some personal reasons.


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Asking help is a sign of weakness is always a perception of a lot of you. Asking help seemingly gives you an of image of being a stupid, ignorant, lunatic person who asks to spoon feed him/her for knowledge. Take it easy! You are just degrading yourself and overthinking about how people think of you, shamelessly asking for help.

Always think that you are the person who needs space for improvement. Experts are always beginners long time ago. They are also considered as “stupid”, “ignorant” or “lunatic” in the eyes of insecure, judgmental critics. Yet, they don’t care what other people think. They reach out and ask a lot of help from experts.

Stop being arrogant who just tries to cover up your ignorance. You have the freedom to show your ignorance and your vulnerabilities. Show what you need and right people would lend their hands to help you.

“Stop being arrogant who tries to cover up ignorance.”


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You all have this fear of rejection. People are naturally born with a desire of being important, praised and welcomed. However, rejection is always present even if you love to take it away. Even if you wished rejection is out of your vocabulary, people tend to reject you according to the situation or any circumstances.

Never let fear of rejection stop you from asking help. You might not know what opportunities you could receive from asking help. You could receive the opportunity to learn things, meet new mentors or meet people who could give you impact. Even if there is a huge possibility that people will reject you, look forward and give yourself a faith that there are people who will give you the privilege to be helped. Just be shameless in asking people for help.

Take away ego out of your equation. Always remember that Santiago Calatrava, Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry were ones infamous, ordinary and a newbie of the Architecture industry. They were the ones who find their way to success by receiving a lot of criticisms and rejections. Thus, you need to accept struggles and rejection like how starchitects do. You always to deserved to be appreciated and rejected. However, you need to take away ego in order to take challenges and move forward.

“Take away ego out of your equation.”


You always have a thought that some people will always keep the secret ingredient of being successful. Moreover, you always think that people have the mentally of “always-be-on-top-and-climb-all-by-yourself”. But hey! There are people who will always help people who deserved their help.

In fact, successful architects are willing to help young, inexperienced architects. Since, successful architects were once young and inexperienced. Successful architects take it as a way of paying it forward. On the other hand, unsuccessful, insecure, desperate architects will find reasons not to help you. They will always say that “they have no time”, “they are busy” and etc. Well, what is the point of helping people if they cannot help themselves? Thus, do not drain yourself of forcing an unsuccessful architect to help you.

To ask help from successful architects, show them how you are persistent, dedicated and hungry to grow your skills and career. Just understand that successful architects are also busy with their career, yet have the willingness to help others. Thus, show them that their time is worthy of helping deserving potential architect who is YOU!

“Show them how you are persistent, dedicated and hungry to grow your skills and career.”


Get rid of negative perceptions that stop you from bringing out the positive outcomes. Reach out the people who will help in your journey in the Architecture industry. You deserve to be helped but also show that you deserve help.

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