WPT 10/18/2017: A Familiar Uncertainty

Gazing into the unknown through photos.

9:54PM on October 17, 2017

It’s starting to get cold in San Francisco, a dark kind of cold but I’ll take wearing layers over having to carry layers around.

When I took this photo I was feeling a bit down. Got some news that wasn’t really the best for me so I thought walking around and taking photos was going to be some good therapy for me. It’s funny how you can express yourself through a medium like photography. This picture feels mysterious, dark, but a familiar uncertainty, I can see where I’m going but don’t know where it leads.

I have about 20 photos, all slight variations of one another, getting gradually darker as I lessened the exposure each time. Brighter is probably better for this photo since the ground has a really cool texture and gives the picture a context that doesn’t have when it’s dark.

Shooting at night is nice as you get the best of both worlds, dark colors with distinct light sources. Night makes it easy to frame your photos and to find visually stimulating subjects.

But hey maybe I’m just a night person in general?

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