My College “Education”

When I got to uni I got bored with my classes. It was fun, but not that interesting for me. So I began finding podcasts to listen to. After a while, I found myself taking notes. I actually found myself taking better notes than in uni lecture. I found myself more engaged and talking non-stop about what I was learning. I found inspiration to take action. So below are my curated notes from some of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. I may not agree with everything the guests would say, but I have a better understanding of others. I also am better at articulating my own beliefs.

Rich and Julie Roll on James Altucher Podcast:

  • Do actions to get out of your head
  • How can I best be of service to people
  • Do what is in front of you, when you look around you are not moving forward

Drew Canole on The School of Greatness Podcast

  • impact people to increase influence and wealth 1 billion people @ $1 = one billion dollars
  • gut colony changes every 20 minutes, 80% immune system in gut
  • write down only things you are inspired to do
  • eye muscle exercises
  • hug someone, human connection

Seven Mountains of Culture

  • business
  • government
  • media
  • arts+entertainment
  • education
  • family
  • religion- faith

Casey Neistat on Tim Ferris

  • Ran away from home at 15, had a baby aat 17, on welfare (food and diapers)
  • Movies: Bike Lanes, make It Count (15 countries in 9 days)
  • travel light: carryon suitcase, backpack
  • Biggest waste on youtube: trying to copy others
  • be original, break the norms, don’t think; act, quantity, 2-way street
  • high BS detectors, start with honesty, Vlog= daily/weekly show
  • success= how little time you spend doing stuff you hate
  • reading, surround yourself with smarter people, more considerate
  • I’s not how good you are, it’s how good you wanna be
  • believer in hard work. anything can be achieved thorugh hard work. Compete on work ethic
  • better to make a bad choice than no coice at all, trust instincts

Cheryl Strayed on James Altucher

  • “don’t lament your career. Live your life, write your story”
  • have ugly and beauty in life
  • have a understanding of suffering, compassionate heart, of other humans
  • “most things will be okay eventually, but not everything”
  • accepting some facts are hard to accept; find beauty in hard facts
  • serving others can be part of the beauty, not being complicit with the truths
  • darkest expierences can be greatest teachers
  • “you’ll learn to live with it” burden or blessing choose powerful, challenging things, solitude
  • have a open heart, be kind “Bat them back with super love”
  • if you think something positive, say something, world becomes warmer place
  • ASK “What’s the best you can do?” Then DO IT

Mary Karr on James Altucher

  • “something about reading other people’s life stories med me less lonely”
  • Slaughterhouse Five, packaging autobiographical as fiction
  • kinestetic- puts the read in the scene of the writer, making the reader feel
  • using edges of mind to find Truth
  • writing is painful
  • good work only comes through revision
  • have good reading habits

Rachel Brathen

  • smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, “overweight” at 95 lbs., standard meat diet, found meditation at 17
  • drinking and partying everyday, dropped it all after meditation retreat
  • spent two years practicing restorative yoga for back pain
  • it’s okay to make mistakes, start where you are, to have that pain
  • so little of showing scars, flaws, and pains in society
  • “wow, she feel the same way I do”
  • layers of seperation, “No one will understand” biggest lie

Jaime Foxx on Time Ferris

  • Eric Bishop Marlan
  • studios are becoming obsolete with new tech.
  • Discovered “Blame it on the alcohol”, Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z, Kanye
  • Started piano @ 12, classical, went “across the tracks” white/black
  • got $10–15 a gig, $75 a week for church, age 13 grandma got all the money
  • went from Texas to CA uni- 81 countries +prodogies, educated about other people
  • people don’t have education about other people
  • Parents = bow, child = aroow go for best aim
  • the notes are underneath your fingers. which ones will you play?
  • “What’s on teh other side of fear?” Nothing
  • “have as much fun as you can”
  • as much as you can, interact with people, know your history, interconnectedness
  • 50 pull ups, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups everyday (15, 50, 50 X2, 10, 10) doesn’y drnk coffee
  • age 20- calm down and pay attention
  • age 30- it’s going to go fast, start planning for future, don’t spend all of your money, long term
  • age 40- tough decisions, about business, look objectively, grow up in yout mind and maintain body
  • prepare your legacy

Naval Ravikant on Tim Ferris

  • everything highly positive started highly negative
  • we’re all meant to work for ourselves, founder + creator
  • you become your habits- long term projects
  • avoid overhead (working out at work versus driving to work out)
  • protect your time- do it now
  • perfect is the enemy of good and completed

Ester Perel on School of Greatness

  • big life = fulfillment
  • US: high divorce, low infidelity Rest of world: low divorce, high infidelity
  • divorce in US: 50% for 1st, 65% for 2nd
  • What goes wrong in relationships: indifference, neglect, contempt, violence
  • Forget date night, lunch date higher energy
  • How can I improve US?
  • Please and Thank you, show appreciation, gratitude, acknowledgement
  • quality of life = quality of relationships, give space for passion, find a village

Kathryn Budig

  • athlete growing up, tried yoga in college, second time the charm
  • went to LA at 21 to pursue acting, yoga paid the bills
  • taught 8 years in LA, was drained and moved to South Carolina
  • parents always encouraged and supportive
  • seeing people light up inspires her, loves being a unifier and helping people succeed
  • nothing is pernament
  • 90% perspective, 10% reality
  • Do you want to be happy?
  • people succeed more when laughing
  • yoga is growing more rapidly, quality is lacking
  • biggest fear- losing people she loves
  • write affirmation staement on bathroom mirror
  • 3 truths- you can always recreate yourself, you’re your own author, never settle

Casey Neistat on Lewis Howes

  • A life not shared is a life not lived
  • secret to success is working hard and being brave
  • health is best gift you can give yourself
  • Defintion if greatness: Die broke and leave the world a better place
  • Habits- Chase Jarvis
  • 8 hours in bed
     Set small goals- build momentum, make it simple.
     2 crappy pages a day
     Make the time
     Average of 5 people around you
     Make good art by Neil gaiman commencement speech
  • Seth Godin
  • Book is screaming bargain
     Cooking is best experimenting, feedback loop
     Life arc- avoid industrial complexes
     What are you going to do with your power?
     Write what makes you angry for writers block
     Write poorly until you don’t anymore
     Skip business magazines
     People are flexible and able to grow
     Don’t play the “busy” card
     You are more powerful than you think you are. Act accordingly.
  • Mike Rowe
  • No second takes- more authentic
     TV became his trade- auditions filled his tool box
     8 months freelance, 4 months off
     Grandpa, a master craftsmen, had health scare
     Wanted to do show that his grandpa was proud of and appreciate real work
     Touched on something that was real
     Gap year- job, internship, apprenticeship, travel, volunteer
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