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This should not be circulated. I write React Native as well as Flutter apps on a daily basis and while many points are correct, other points are *clearly* inaccurate.

With all due respect, this article is spreading inaccurate information and actually has copy and pasted quotes from another misleading article written back in May by a consulting company that clearly wrote up something to drive some traffic to their site.

For example:

- “Styles aren’t separated in Flutter, you would need to give inline styling while creating each component.” I separate my style in Flutter *all the time*. Certain widgets will require you to specify style, in which case one would simply refer to say, a static property or method in another file. Even better, like iOS, Flutter supports theming as well, which makes for even cleaner separation of style.

Also note this quote I’ve seen before and seems to have been copy and pasted from this article written back in May:

- “Modularity in Flutter never exists.” This is completely wrong. Dart is a strongly typed language with support for inheritance, mix-ins, etc. Each Widget you use can have child widgets (same with RN). Also, Widgets are *inherited* from Stateful or Stateless widgets, so you can create, say a StatelessWidget of your own and sub-class additional flavors of Widgets.

Again, this quote is also copy and pasted from the same article written in May:

I will not spend further time analyzing this article.