5 Tricks To Get Your Glam On For Sweltering Summer Parties

Are you the “no air-conditioning, no parties” kind? Sigh, if only life was an endless Sex and the City party with zero hair frizz and no clingy clothes. The summer heat spares no one, but the good news is, you really don’t always have to stay back home in your PJs. Here go a bunch of killer tricks to keep the sun and sweat at bay, all the while looking like a glam goddess:

1. Grab the cattiest sunglasses you can get your hands on

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Enter your next rooftop pool party wearing the biggest, widest Hollywood sunglasses that not just lend adequate shade, but save you from runny makeup and face sweat. Plus, they instantly give you a celebrity vibe, no?

2. Get a chic haircut that lasts all summer

Pixie, long bob, asymmetrical side shave — the choice is endless! Take some hairstyle inspiration from your favourite celebrities, and own the scorching season without worrying about fancy updos and hair care.

3. Use sweat-proof makeup

Duh! No one likes runny mascara and skin patches, ten minutes into their first drink! Be a wise customer, go on a beauty haul, and come back home with some serious sweat-proof foundations, concealers, blushes and eye makeup.

4. Pick outfits with glitzy accents on flowy, light-weight linens

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No cling doesn’t always have to mean no glam! Choose party dresses that are loose and not figure-hugging, and have dazzling patches in the form of sequins or embroidery. Our favourite pick? An ultra-loose mini-dress with tiny sequins teamed up with strappy stilettos!

5. Colourful is good. Clashy is not.

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We hate to break it to you; complicated colour pairing is no longer cool (what era are we stuck in? The 90s?). With subdued neutrals taking charge this season, tone down any vibrant, colourful skirt or bottoms with a basic black, white, grey or a pastel pick. This way, you don’t just dodge the clash, but look like you actually made an effort to put an outfit together.

Loved our glam tricks? Time to test them out!

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