Bollywood Is Warming Up To Patchwork Denims And How!

Remember when patchwork was something our grandmothers took pride in? The quilts, blankets and picnic sheets were graced with random patches that added massive sass.

If you haven’t guessed already, patchwork is done on heavier fabrics, mostly denims, and Bollywood’s hottest celebrities are embracing the trend now more than ever. From jackets to tees and, of course, jeans, the trend is a hoot, and we’re already in love with it.

Here go a few examples of how your favourite celebs carry the trend:

1. Alia Bhatt wore a pair of patchwork denim shorts with a crisp white tee.

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2. Anushka Sharma paid an ode to the 90s with a midi dress layered with a loose patchwork denim jacket.

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3. Parineeti Chopra wore hers with an all-white ensemble.

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4. What’s hotter than ripped jeans? Ripped jeans with patchwork, and PC looks cute as a button.

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5. Not a fan of too much patchwork? Go minimal a la Adah Sharma.

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6. Here’s Kangana Ranaut working patchwork jogger pants and sweat shirt in a way only she can. #Thatattitudetho

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See? Not that difficult now, is it? You can easily make your own DIY patchwork denims by purchasing a set of prints, and sticking them on with fabric glue.

For more inspiration on pulling off patchwork effortlessly, explore our vast selection of patchwork pieces by clicking here.

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