Hold Tight! Penn Masala Is Back For An Even Bigger Yuva India Tour!

Ladies and gentlemen, your May just got better. The maestros who create music without instrumental accompaniment are back and how! Penn Masala, the world’s premier South Asian A-capella group is coming to India on a six-city tour to promote their latest album “Yuva”.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Pranay Sharma, one of the members of Penn Masala, about the album, the tour, and what’s lined up for the future. And it. Was. Amazing. An ecstatic Pranay said,

We’ll kick-start the tour with Hyderabad, followed by Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata. We had so much fun the last time, we knew we had to make it bigger and better!

Haven’t heard them before? Check out one of their most popular videos:

The all-new “Yuva” album

In this album, the band simply celebrates youth, illustrating the natural progression from innocence to independence. From ballads to party anthems, each track on the album evokes in us visceral memories of youth, providing different tastes of what it means to be young. No matter what your age, you’ll enjoy it.

We listened to the entire album and boy, have we not been able to get it out of our head! If you’re wondering which ones to listen to first, here’s a selection of our favourite tracks:

Some of our all-time favourites which we can’t stop singing along to:

And they know how to have fun with their songs too!

Awe-frickin-inspiring, aren’t they? Catch Penn Masala live in a city near you to experience the magic in front of your eyes

Excited? We can’t wait to see them rock the stage once again!

Tour Schedule:

Hyderabad: May 19 | Mumbai: May 20 | Chennai: May 21 | Pune: May 24 |
 Delhi: May 26 | Bangalore: May 27 | Kolkata: May 28

Reserve tickets here

You can listen to the entire album here.

Originally published at www.seenit.in.

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