… The Bad …

This is the second of three articles. The first is The Good… and the third is …And the Ugly.

I want to help people — myself included — see past the surface.

Image of a Bad Guy

This is an image of Tony Soprano’s personality. The Green shows he is logical and the Yellow shows he is pragmatic.

Tony Soprano’s personality is the opposite of film director Woody Allen’s personality, whose spiritual portrait contains more Red (showing he is passionate) and Blue (showing he is idealistic).

To learn more about how this image represents Tony Soprano’s personality, see the page describing his spiritual portrait at SeeOurMinds.com.

The Bad Things About All This

One Bad thing is, not everyone will get this. Understanding these images requires a little effort.

Another Bad thing is, the personality assessment used does not cover everything. For example, morality, intelligence, artistic, and athletic ability do not show up in these spiritual portraits. People expecting to see these qualities represented in the images — anyone expecting to see how the Bad Guys look different from the Good Guys — will be disappointed.

And yet another Bad thing is, it takes a long time to create these images. Creating a single image of Charles Foster Kane recently took most of a three-day weekend! (The source material was a boxed set containing three DVDs.)

I do my best to balance the ideal of taking full advantage of the all of the source material available, with the practical need to get the images made, described, and published.

Moreover, people expecting to instantly understand my spiritual portraits will be disappointed. And anyone expecting to see all of the latest fictional personalities from all of their favorite shows on the site will just have to wait until I’ve had time to get through my process.

My advice to people whose expectations are out of control is: take an art class — any art class — and try it yourself.

Working Every Day

Even though I make very little money off this project — so far, anyway — I work on it every day. My passion is to create and publish more examples, and I will continue this work as frequently and for as long as time permits.

It’s a lot of work —but it’s a lot of fun, too. Watching a single season of Game of Thrones and then drawing a few portraits from it can take up to a week! (I watch each episode at least twice and all commentaries at least once. People who watch each episode only once and ignore the commentaries are missing out on a lot.)

Some people will pick up on the patterns — the correlation between the colors and the subject’s attitudes — more quickly than others.

Some people will close themselves off to the whole notion of visualizing personalities completely, right from the start.

And that’s to be expected. Part of our innate individuality is that we are all in a different position relative to Kandinsky’s Triangle.

The Bottom Line

“Lotta poor man make a five dollar bill, keeps him happy all the time. Some other fella’s making nothing at all, and you can hear him cry!”
Cumberland Blues by The Grateful Dead

In fact, from the standpoint of productivity, it may be best to just assume many people will understand and appreciate this work only after I’m gone.

Because right now, I need to focus as much energy as possible on exercising my Artistic License. Bwahahahaha!

Second of Three Articles

This is the second in a series of three articles. For the first article in this series, see The Good…, and for the last article, see …And the Ugly.

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