The Good …

This is the first of three articles. The second is …The Bad… and the third is …And the Ugly.

I want to help people — myself included — see past the surface.

Image of a Good Guy

This is an image of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder’s personality. The Blue shows he is open to new ideas, and the Red shows he is passionate.

Agent Mulder’s personality is the opposite of his partner FBI Special Agent Dana Scully’s personality, whose spiritual portrait contains more Green (showing she is logical) and Yellow (showing she is pragmatic).

To learn more about how this image represents Agent Mulder’s personality, see the page describing his spiritual portrait at

The Good Things About All This

One Good thing is, I have written a program to help draw these spiritual portraits. Taken as a whole, these images constitute a language that reveals a lot about an individual in a single glance.

Another Good thing is, it’s a simple language: it uses primary colors to represent well-known, fundamental, and ubiquitous personality traits.

And yet another Good thing is, most — if not all — religions should agree that our bodies are just temporary shells for what makes each of us who we really are. I too like to think our inner qualities are far more important than what’s on the outside.

Moreover, a person’s superficial qualities have little bearing on what they actually do.

And what people do is far more important than how they look.

This Is My Art

At various times in my life I have studied music, photography, drawing, dance, and film. If anyone is qualified to say what is art and what is not art, it’s me —”no brag, just fact!”

These spiritual portraits are art. They express how I look at people and view our world. In this respect, they’re no different from any other art.

My hope is that ultimately someday my spiritual portraits will help nudge Kandinsky’s Triangle upwards. It’s a given that my efforts will meet with resistance.

The Bottom Line

“I don’t have to prove, that I am creative! I don’t have to prove, that I am creative! All my pictures, are confused! And now I’m going to, take me to you!”
 — For Artists Only by The Talking Heads

Publishing more examples will help more people get it, but that takes time. And depending on the source material used to understand the personality being depicted, it can take a lot of time.

But that’s ok, because I have Artistic License. Bwahahahaha!

First of Three Articles

This is the first in a series of three articles. For the next article in this series, see …The Bad… and for the last article skip to …And the Ugly.