Read for Fun not for Profit

At the beginning of the year I gave myself the challenge to read 150 books, I absolutely love reading the joy it brings me is incredible. My earlier years I spent reading fiction, from the lists of the New York Times and Toronto Star best sellers, to aimlessly wandering the shelves of books stores trying to discover new authors. As time went on my interest grew, I found pleasure in reading biographies of extraordinary people, successful businesses, and self-improvement. Today I would say that 85% of what I read is the non-fiction business, leadership and self-improvement books.

Besides really enjoying learning of businesses and entrepreneurs, it is easy for me to admit that I am always searching for the book that will provide me with a set of rules that if followed I will have a successful business, work for myself, run my best marathon ever, and most of all be happy!! Well, put it this way I am 30 books in and I am still searching!

Why? Because the single most valuable thing I have taken from these books that can be applied to every single person is that there are no single set of rules or lists that if followed will give you the outcomes you desire. They are guidelines at best, what made others successful and wealthly will not guarantee you the same outcome. So if you have a garage you can work from, or a hockey rink in your backyard, a rough upbringing, or an IQ of over 140 does not guarantee you to be the next Steve Jobs, Alexander Ovechkin, Elon Musk or Bill Gates.

So stop trying to be them, stop running your organization like Goggle, stop demanding more from your employees like Elon Musk, stop running five days a week two times a day because that was what Meb Keflezighi did to win the Boston Marathon and simply work on finding out what works for you.

Stop trying to find all the answers from books, magazine articles or from Goggle, yes it is hard to admit but goggling doesn’t provide all the answers. Nothing you read will tell you how to work hard, hearing how successful business leaders and entrepreneurs make it work won’t make you successful, you have to work hard and find the answers within.

Now I am not saying to stop reading, hell no because everything you read will give you suggestions and ideas that you can try. Case in point it took me about 50 books and countless articles for it to finally click that the only way I can become a better and more confident writer is to write crap until it isn’t crap anymore.

So stop looking for the list, stop trying to be someone you’re not and start working hard to find what works for you and to do it every day until it does.

I hope you find this article not to be crap!!

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