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Are you currently using Fabric Beta and wondering how to migrate to Firebase App Distribution using Jenkins Pipeline and allow builds to be distributed easily?

Or do you want to set up Firebase App Distribution from scratch?

This post walks you step-by-step through how to get your builds to Firebase App Distribution using Jenkins, and have builds sent out to testers.

If you have not yet migrated your app from Fabric to Firebase, I recommend checking out this post.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

  • Access to your Jenkins build server.
  • Access to Fabric/Firebase project

I’m largely basing this post off of this page: Distribute with Gradle. We use Jenkins Pipeline, and this post is written in that context. …

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Fabric transition plan

Fabric is going away on March 31, 2020! If you currently use Fabric, now is the time to seamlessly transition to Firebase and start taking advantage of Firebase’s extra features. This page outlines the transition fairly well, and this may be enough for you to get started!

This short post walks you through the migration process, and what to look for.

Before you get started, make sure that you have permission to migrate the app. You need to be a Fabric Admin in order to do the migration. …

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Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Google offers the Google VR SDK for Android to allow you to build apps for Daydream and Cardboard. You can also use this SDK to create 360 experiences in both VR and 2D. The great thing about using Google VR SDK for Android is that it allows you to maintain a purely native codebase while providing a rich VR or 2D user experience.

Note: The Google VR SDK for Unity may be a good choice for you if you plan to share code between iOS and Android platforms, or if your app is mostly VR-based. …

June 9th — June 10th, 2018

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For our first technical event, we hosted a 2-day workshop at our Velos office for Android Developers to learn how to transition to Kotlin using hands-on exercises.

The workshop went extremely well — our 16 spots filled up, and we had all 16 students attend both days of workshops and gain confidence in using Kotlin for their day-to-day projects!

Here’s the original invitation we sent out:

Kotlin is now an officially supported language for Android development, and it’s quickly growing in popularity!

So if you’re an Android developer thinking of transitioning to Kotlin, or just want to see if Kotlin is right for your team, this workshop is for you! Over two days, we will cover basic Kotlin syntax, conventions, good practices, and move on to build a working Android app. By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a solid understanding of the benefits of Kotlin, and the ability to start thinking in Kotlin for Android development. …

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a conference called Women Who Code Connect. It is a yearly conference for incredible tech women hosted by the Women Who Code organization.

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Credit: Women Who Code

I’ve been to quite a few women in tech events over the years. I’ve been to large women in tech conferences like Grace Hopper, the more intimate Girl Geek dinners, and everything in between, but Women Who Code Connect really stood out for me this year.

In this short post, I just wanted to share why I enjoyed WWCode Connect, and a few things I learned this year.

Why I like WWCode Connect

  1. It is a small enough conference that doesn’t take much time out of your schedule. …

I am a huge supporter of WIT initiatives, and LOVE seeing successful women. I look up to most of them, try to mimic them, and learn from them. I’ve been reading so many WIT articles in the past few months, and I see a lot of discussion about Uber’s executives being horrible, a startup CEO being sexist, Google’s employee being sexist, etc.. However, there is one thing that I rarely see mentioned in these discussions: mentorship/support. There is a real gap, and I think it is important to discuss what we’re doing about it.

If you’re a woman in tech and you’re worried about how to grow diversity numbers, keep women in tech long-term, or in general bothered by sexism, consider the…

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A lot of young women (and men) ask me why their resume is not being chosen for technical interviews. I’ve seen hundreds of resumes now, and have learned what seems to work/not work in the tech industry. This post is most relevant for students, and people transitioning to a tech career from a non-tech background. You’ll learn about common mistakes that could be causing your resume to be overlooked.

In this competitive job market, your resume is the equivalent of a “first impression” in getting that job. …


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