Want to be a cheapskate and save money? Here’s one tip that can help you do just that!

So, it’s just a normal day on the MRT, and you decide to hop off the MRT to buy something on the way home. Before you go tap back into the MRT, I urge you to stop. Did you know that if you tap back into the MRT at the same station, even before the 30 minute transfer period, it’s counted as a new journey?

As such, here’s a simple tip. If there’s a bus that goes to the next MRT station, take it! The bus trip will be counted as a transfer. When you tap out of the bus and back into the MRT, it is counted as another transfer. You save more money that way! This works better the more bus routes serve the route, for example in the city or along Orchard Road.

Good luck trying this out and remember; always be thrifty!