The stakes are too high to be a spectator or a passive victim of circumstance

Like a lot of Americans, I was stunned by the result of the 2016 US presidential election. The result has been devastating, to say the least.

As an immigrant, I know first-hand the plight of those struggling with the integration process. As a child of street-fruit vendors in New York City, I’ve known the difficulty of making ends meet. As the first person in my family to attend college, I can relate to the burden of college-debt. I was fortunate to translate my college degree into a successful career which assisted in securing my U.S. citizenship.

During my career as a software engineer, I constantly sought out opportunity to serve the greater good. While at a large corporation, I founded a mentoring program that to this day still serves underprivileged youth in the Bay Area. While working at a start-up, I fought to reduce food waste. I later ventured into self employment to find a meaningful impact by co-founding a company that assisted upcoming college graduates with their interview skills and job search. Over time it became clear that my passion extended beyond technical advancement and with socially conscious actions. I engaged in numerous progressive activities, but unable to fully commit to one fight, I’ve decided that I can best serve the values that I believe in by fighting for them all. And now I am ready to take the next step to serve the public in a greater capacity.

I recently answered the call to service during the 2016 Presidential election. I worked on the Hillary for America campaign as a full-time staffer. I started as a volunteer in San Francisco and help set up the first office for the Hillary campaign in the Bay Area. Later, I moved to Brooklyn to work at campaign headquarters at the national level. I spent the final three weeks of the campaign working as a Get Out the Vote Operation Coordinator in Iowa.

With the advent of the new president-elect, it’s more important than ever for Democrats in the state to defend the advances we have made. California is known as a state that leads the nation into the future. Organizing locally and building a robust Democratic party from the bottom up will allow us to recapture and reintroduce the ideals, the motivations, and the successes of the party to the world of the 21st century.

Due to our now uncertain American future, I am more than ever resolved to continue the fight for progressive causes, as so many of our hard-won social and political advances are threatened with being rolled back.

To further this mission, I am running to be our district’s delegate (representing more or less the west side of San Francisco and points south) to the California State Democratic Party — to help reclaim the great heritage of the Democratic party, to make a difference, in California and in the country at large.

This is my purpose in running for Assembly District 19 Delegate to the DSCC (Democratic State Central Committee). As a delegate, I’ll be able to influence the positions of the Democratic party and its candidates. I am asking you to support me in this fight to reshape the Democratic Party. I pledge to do my absolute best to make sure that the views and directives of the residents in this district are represented.

Please come experience democracy in action. Attend the Assembly District Election meeting on on January 8th anytime from 1pm — 3pm at Doelger Cafe (101 Lake Merced Boulevard) in Daly City near the Westlake Shopping Center. Gain first-hand perspective on how the State Democratic party works. More importantly, vote for the delegate who will best represent you — namely myself and my slate partner Monica Morales. Learn more about us here.

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