The Mystical Path

Mysticism is a formless entry into the now.
It is not bound by tradition, ritual or rules.
It is a direct encounter with God, with love.

Everybody can recognise their mystical qualities by giving presence to the current moment. Just by watching deeply, moving from a state of presence. Then magic can unfold. It does not require an external authority in order to recognise its wisdom. It is rather the opposite. It requires YOU to listen to YOU. Somebody who is living this path could be called a mystic. She can invite you to recognise this wisdom within. To awaken this love. A mystic does not teach you how to follow. She learns you how to awaken your own inner mystic.

This is why the answers a mystic speaks are never the same. And it is also why sometimes the words sounds contradictory or even confusing. Yesterday's answer might not be what is needed today. Mysticism is an expression of God that is very ALIVE, deeply rooted in the now. It is not limited by the past, by rules, by how it should be. It has no expectations of what life should be. It honours life as it is, as it comes and goes like waves in the sea. It is like meditation, but not just sitting in the lotus position and breathing. It is meditation in every moment, every situation.

It is hard to catch ‘it’ in words, because of its fluidity. As soon as you label it, you lose the infinity of it. As soon as you try to catch ‘me’, I slip through your hands like grains of sand.

Yes, the words can be a pointer to the moon. They can be filled with love, with God, with magic, but the words alone are not ‘it’. This can lead to confusion. This is why the word mystical can be related to mystery, vagueness or esotericism. Confusion can lead to a crisis. A crisis where you start to question your reality, your perspective. This is actually a good thing, because it is a step towards more presence. More listening to your inner wisdom.

Sometimes this is a strange path to walk for me, the human ‘me’ we call Sefrijn. They ask me:

“Hey Sef. What do you do? Is it tantra? Mindfulness? Kirtan? Are you a DJ?”

Yeah… but no, not really.

“Hmmmm, so you don’t really know what you do?”

No, I do know, very well.

“Huh, but then tell me, WHAT IS IT? What do you do?”

… (pausing for breath)

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Sometimes I smile. Sometimes I cry out loud. Sometimes I run away. Sometimes I cannot tell you, even though I know exactly. Sometimes first we need to sit and drink a cup of tea, jump in the cold sea or sing a song.

What this mystical path is to me, is living in love. Being a human on planet earth. Expressing God through this human form. Inviting a collective awakening, a remembrance of love, of god, of truth. In every unique moment, situation or relation.

But I have no one size fits all practice to offer you. No structure to repeat X times and then you can call yourself a certified yogi, a heart centered tantrica, an official mindfulness trainer. I have no books to backup my words. No peer-reviewed scientific articles to convince you. I have no final answers to all your questions.

All I have is this love.

And my desire to share it.

What I can offer you is a reminder. A reminder of (y)our inner wisdom, of (y)our truth, of (y)our path. And in my opinion, this is the greatest gift I can give you, because you can take it everywhere you go. You need no books, no teacher, no validation.

Your presence is the fuel to let this mystical wisdom unfold itself.

Photo by Kunj Parekh