I Did Nothing Today — And Thats OK

One day last week — I did nothing.

There are so many things that go on in one’s life. Sometimes things get so bad that we can curl up in a ball in the corner — just letting life happen.

That is not what I am about. I am about always moving forward!

Toxic people in your life don’t help either. They will drag you down to the darkest depths that you allow them to. Misery loves company. They will see how far they can take you down and hold you there until you are lifeless.

I had a pretty shitty day last week. I didn’t get anything done that day that I wanted to. Goals that I set up every week for myself were not reached.

I was losing focus on everything I write about. My sense of positivity was in disarray by toxic people and myself.

Wednesday Morning:

I woke up on Wednesday of last week in the worst mindset — I did not want to create anything— I did not want to do anything.

I am writing this on a Monday. The beginning of the week is usually joyful to me. I feel it is a brand new week to hit all the goals you have set for yourself. Whether you hit them all or none of them — there is always another Monday coming up.

It doesn’t matter what went down last week. We start fresh every new week and can work towards our goals again.

Everything is in my control — Everything is my fault.

If I let someone or something get to me — and I don’t create anything that day — It is on me. Whether that be weight loss, hitting the gym, or creating content. If the work is not getting done — there is no one to blame but myself.

After the less than perfect day I had last week, I readjusted and set my sights on the future. I documented what I had learned from having those feeling when not getting the things done that I wanted to.

Mind you, I did put out some articles and videos in the face of adversity. But I had hours that I could have been getting more done.

That’s all every day is — trying to learn from the day before and set your sights on the goals of tomorrow. Leveraging your life to make improvements where you can and disregard the rest.

Thursday Morning:

I didn’t do much on Wednesday of last week. On Thursday, I woke up rejuvenated. Sometimes when we feel that we are going to a place we don’t want to be — we might just need a day to decompress. I went from feeling low and not doing anything to being ready to tackle my goals the following day.

I maintained my positive state and got the work done that I wanted to do. Creating content, working on my health, and sharing it with the world.

You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward

The quote above from Rocky Balboa is so popular because of the truth behind the speech. Focusing on the shitty things in life will make you want to stay in bed. Life can get you in a submission hold and never let up until it makes you tap. There are going to be tough times — there are going to amazing times — I will never let that shit consume my soul.

James Altucher says “Many people die at 25 but are not put in the coffin until 75”. That’s exactly what will happen if you don’t follow the mantra of ALWAYS moving forward.

Casey Neistat had a cool segment on his Vlog. He was saying that when times get tough and he is feeling down. That he piles himself with work. He says it helps him stay focused and gets him out of any rut he is in.

A Look Ahead:

When I am feeling less than stellar, I know I can come home and create. The feelings I have will wash away and I will have a fantastic piece to share with the world. That is what is important to me and that is what I will focus on. Focusing on the important aspects of my life and disregarding the rest.

On an upcoming blog post, I am going to detail the new vision I have for the site. I want to document the journey and not just preach. That is why I am writing this here today. I can’t show only the positive sides to things without showing the actual struggle that comes with it. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Document not create.” And that is what I intend to do.

The goal here is to become 1% better each day in some aspect of my life.

I did nothing one-day last week and that’s OK. I learned and now created something new. That is what life is all about.

If you have any comments about bad days or about the article — drop me some thoughts below.

Thank you for reading.

Originally published at seftimorlive.com on April 5, 2017.