We are all a bullet away from being a Hashtag — @segalink

Just when we expect good cops to speak out against the impunity of our derelict police institution, we got a propaganda and tool of distraction, which justifies the harassment, abduction, extrajudicial killings, extortion at gun point and torture of innocent citizens under the guise of curbing drug dealings, internet fraud and cultism.

Every youth in Nigeria is now endangered by the indiscriminate prejudice of inebriated substance abusers that our authorities have granted the freedom to act without limits. Here is a concert that cements and endorse these unprofessional insanity on our streets as endorsed by celebrities in the entertainment sector for maximum effects.

There is a petition signed by over 30,000 Nigerians and over 400,000 complaints with daily evidence of extortions and abductions via illegal raids, yet this is what our police institution prioritized?

How have they addressed the cultist, organized crime syndicate and substance abusing lots they call SARS that legally wield weapons on our peaceful streets?

If those hungry to be famous within the police institution mean well, shouldn’t they be most outraged by Police Brutality?

Several of the organizers have been recently promoted for maintaining status quo and churning out inanities in defence of the imbroglio on the streets across Nigeria, yet they deem it fit to throw a party to celebrate their victory over the blood of the innocent extrajudicially killed, by their complicit greed.

Shouldn’t our unconscionable Police officers ponder over the fact that citizens feel a deep sense of resentment and are appalled by the mere presence of the police, having always being paranoid instead of feeling protected?

Why is it that we now feel the need to protect ourselves from our own police? Why do they feel comfortable feeding off fear instead of basking in the aura of being respected for professionalism?

The oxymoron of police brutality and the morbid impunity as it persists in Nigeria therefore instructs sane minds that once a Police officer operates without limits enough to become brutal, prejudiced and judgmental, he/she has ceased to be a Police Officer maintaining Law and Order. We the people will be forced to conclude that we are not dealing with the Police but a Federally authorized Gang.

#EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG remains our unequivocal call. No propaganda or jamboree can drown this out. It has come to stay until the needful is done. The shameful response with this primitive and parochial unconscionable distraction highlights the problem of our dying police institution.

We are all a bullet away from being a hashtag. The monopoly of violence is gradually being eroded. People will start defending themselves.

Our lives matter.

…End Of Celestial Admonition…