How to choose a laptop for programming
Ayo Isaiah

Hi Ayo

I have only one concern towards your CPU comment:

“Your laptop’s CPU has a huge influence on performance so you can’t afford to skimp on this one.”

This really depends on your development type. If you’re a web developer (taken from your assumptions) and you are developing in mostly HTML5/CSS3/Node, you are good with an i5 series. JS and the Node environment have a low CPU/Memory footprint compared to Java web applications for example.

If you use Python for a web application, that i5 will be more than enough for sure. In case you decide to do a lot of machine learning and data mining with Python you do want to make look at an i5 or an extra strong GPU which can do such extensive work, but in this case, we wouldn’t be web developers (which is the use case you are discussing).

In addition to your post: I would also take ‘connectivity’ into consideration. What are the default I/O ports you will use? Do you need a DVD/CARD or wired LAN? Will you USB/HDMI/DVI at the same time regularly?

Many laptops manage to squeeze 10 connectors on a laptop, but it is impossible to connect the USB and HDMI cable at the same time due to the shape of the connectors. I have faced this issue very often. It’s also always nice that you don’t need to buy extra ‘adapters’ or ‘dongles’ for extra connectivity if you’re on the road often.

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