I Don’t Believe in Atheism
Sidney François


I’ll start with saying you wrote a lovely article. There is something true with your statement that atheism is nothing more than a lack of belief. 
The lack of belief though, is usually specific to the world of spirituality, so Atheism is a descriptive way to saying: I Don’t believe things I cannot prove as factual.

I Debate a lot about me being an atheist, and usually, the debate rise from the side of the believer who “tags” atheism is a vendetta against God.

This is of course not the reality. Atheism is not a POV. it is a lack of belief as a result of a secular POV. Most theists will require factual evidence before they submit their trust into an Idea.

These days, we encounter many Active atheists that find religion as a dangerous concept (I am one of them BTW). I Cannot deny that religion has its benefits, Obviously it was something humans had to invent in order to be able to accept the fact of their existence. but today, more and more people are becoming more and more secular in their way of thought, thus, resulting in a growing moderated religious POV.

But why do atheists care so much about religion? because there is something very dangerous about religion.. And as long as humans cannot “touch” the subject of belief, everything can be considered as legit!

Most of theist people I talk with, are not seeing religion as a bad notion, yet when faced with horrors committed in the name of religion, they impatiently claim: “This is not my religion”.

Atheism, today, means more than just a lack of belief. it means accepting the fact we live in a universe where humans are nothing more than a consequence of events.

So you could say, Atheism, is the lack of belief in a Deity with the addition of leading a more secular way of thinking.

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