We can all indisputably agree on that the three best things on 🌎 are warm blankets, emojis, and Slack. And when I discovered that I could add my own custom emojis, it was arguably one of the 🎉 😍 moments of my short-lived life (barely exceeding a close number two, when I discovered this warm blanket). So I built emojipacks, a command line interface, to bulk upload emojis into Slack. Let’s take a 👀 at the code that accomplishes this ✨🌟✨🌟 feat.

The Beginning

Shortly after I discovered the ability to add custom emojis in Slack, I was hooked like a 🐟…

This article originally appeared on the Olark blog.

In reflecting on this past year, one of the most notable trends we saw was a focus on enhanced customer experiences. Most consumer experiences with brands begin passively, often online when friends share opinions about products and services over social media. But once a consumer chooses to express their interest — a click, a like, a retweet, etc. — brands now have a plethora of active ways to escalate a ‘passive’ relationship, and that is the beginning of the ‘customer experience.

In a recent survey, Gartner reported that “89% of marketing leaders…

When you know your next milestone, you can focus on it. But between product market fit and profitability most startups will only hear the mantra: “grow! grow! grow!” Yes, of course. But for venture capital funded companies, product market fit and profitability are often separated by 5–7 years, 100x team growth, and multiple funding rounds. What are the milestones in between?

Beyond our advisors and investors at Segment, I’ve only found one great resource on how to scale a SaaS business: SaaStr. He offers some poetic elegance on three major milestones:

“Getting from $0–1m is impossible. Getting from $1–10m is…

Here at Segment, we love frameworks and data. Frameworks help us organize and understand the world, and data helps us stay focused and monitor progress. So, it’s no surprise we use them both to help us project future growth and figure out how to hit our lofty goals.

This is the framework to understanding what vibes the hardest at Segment HQ

In this post, we’ll share our approach to understanding our growth dynamics, which involves building a mathematical model for marketplace dynamics and aligning internal resources to focus on growth goals. You can’t really get more data-frameworky than this!

To start from the beginning, we’re a two-sided marketplace with customers on one side…


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