Segna Product Update — July Edition

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Welcome to Segna’s first Product Update email blast where we’re sharing a few exciting product updates from the last couple of weeks!

A pre-built file importer — that’s completely customizable

We’ve re-hauled our prebuilt file importer so that you can customize what configuration you want to expose to your users just by passing in the configuration steps of interest. This means with a single line of code, you can pick and choose whether your users need to do things like:

  • Select the Excel Sheet of interest
  • Select the header column
  • Specify how columns are renamed
  • And much more

Sign in with Google

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Select the sheet you want to upload within an Excel Workbook

Some Excel workbooks have multiple sheets when they get uploaded, and it’s always a hassle to manually copy and paste the Excel sheet of interest into another file before uploading the file. Save your users this hassle by allowing them to select which sheet within a workbook they want, after the file is uploaded.

Track and edit all the connectors you’ve added to the Segna platform from one place — the connectors management page. Manage things like credentials, names, and who has access to these connectors!

Safely edit and configure the cleaning of your uploaded CSVs without code

You can now edit pipelines you’ve already made, and even pipelines that are live in production, to change how your CSVs are cleaned and configured before uploading to your backend! This means you can quickly change:

  • The destination of an uploaded CSV file to be pushed to another database
  • The schema the uploaded CSVs need to match
  • What columns require missing values to be dropped
  • The expected data type of each column in the schema
  • The timezone and format of date-time columns

The best way to import CSV files
If you allow users to upload csv files through your app, you should be using Segna!
Segna automatically normalizes and cleans your data, and allows you to customize the data importing workflow.

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The best way to let your users import csv files!

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