Segna Product Update — October Edition

Kevin Hart at TechCrunch Disrupt

This month some of the team was in SF for TechCrunch Disrupt as a Startup Battlefield company. What makes these events so successful is the community, the coming together of all companies, big and small, and the generosity and support of so many opening their offices, networks, and even homes — a massive thank you to all involved in organizing and making it such a fantastic time!

After two years of separation and limited gatherings, it was epic to be at THE global startup community conference.

Currency conversions 🤑

You can now convert currency values in uploaded data to a desired currency of your choice — no need to worry about your users uploading data from different countries. Segna uses real-time and reliable data for exchange rates so you don’t have to go back and do the conversions manually, or worse, pollute your internal data systems with unconverted currencies.

One of the cooler parts of this feature is if you have historical data, the currency conversions will reflect the exchange rate at the time the data was recorded, on a per-row basis. All you need is a date-time column and we’ll line up the exchange rates for you!

😸🙀😹😼→ 😺

Anyone who has worked with manually collected data knows that typos are common, as well as interpretations of the same thing — there are at least 5 different ways to write “San Francisco.”

Segna can now automatically figure out how to fix cell values that don’t match the values expected for that column. For example, if you only expect a column to have “cat” and “dog,” then values such as “kitty cat” and “dogg” will be matched to “cat” and “dog,” respectively — pretty clever! Configure what values you expect for each column on your data importer, then as your users upload data, a list of suggested matches will be made. Have a look here:

Making waves 🌊

Some of the Segna team went to San Francisco for TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 — what an event! Big kudos to the organizers of Disrupt — we’ll be sure to come to the next one. See our CEO, Will, give a 2-minute pitch about why you should use Segna (below). If we missed you there, we’ll be in SF again in the coming months, so they’ll be plenty of opportunities for a chat, and of course, coffee on us 😉


House-keeping 🏡

We’ve also mowed down a bunch of bugs and trimmed up some features and docs:

  • Fixed an issue with regional restrictions when outputting to data buckets
  • Add the ability to specify an offset and limit when querying data uploaded through Segna
  • Updated and added detail to a bunch of our docs
  • Returning empty cells as “null” instead of empty strings if returning the data to the FE
  • + much more

The best way to import CSV files
If you allow users to upload csv files through your app, you should be using Segna!
Segna automatically normalizes and cleans your data, and allows you to customize the data importing workflow.

Take me to Segna



The best way to let your users import csv files!

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