I’m not a graphic or web designer

A Creed For The 21st Century Designer

We live in a world where “design” isn’t viewed as a profession but a side-hustle and designers are seen as just “pixel-pushers” who don’t have any “real impact”. This common issue inspired me to share this creed that helped me shape my mindset and paints a vivid picture of who I am working to become as I progress in my design career:

“I am not a graphic or web designer” and I don’t want to called that anymore.

I am not the guy in the corner who makes your logo, I am not the guru who makes beautiful websites, designs your marketing graphics and DPs. I don’t create wireframes, I don’t create sitemaps. I am not a freelancer. That’s not me!

So who am I? I am a leader, strategist, a facilitator and partner. I don’t do things FOR you, I do things WITH you. I have a seat at the executive table next to the CEO and the board. I don’t mince words, I believe in open and honest conversations.

I am here to diagnose and solve your business problems. I bring a well-informed perspective to the table and I work in close collaboration with you with one goal in mind: To Produce Business (tangible) Results.

In the process your brand identity will get done, your wireframes will get done and your website will be built. Being on your team, I will collaborate and openly share idea with team, leaving them better than when I got there. I work fluidly with your teams in alignment with the set goal and make sure we reach it fast & effortlessly.

I help you clearly articulate your business goals, who your customers are and how you can continuously provide value to them. I don’t dictate it or research it, I facilitate it with the CEO in the room. I use design thinking to create compelling digital products, design your marketing campaigns and launch new ideas that your customers will LOVE.

I care less about what your product is and more about what it does for your customer. I care most about your team, your process and getting you results. You care and know more about your product than I ever will. I care whether your CUSTOMER is getting what they need and how THEY feel after getting it. Everything about your product and your industry I will learn as needed.

My job is to make sure you are not blinded by “your awesome idea” or “the next big thing” where you think about your idea alone and get you out of the office to go talk to and understand the end customers!

How do I do this? I do this using a process of facilitated continuous customer discovery. This process is about understanding who you are, your brand, knowing exactly who your customers are and what they need and finally what your prioritized business goals are.

I believe that this has to be done LIVE in facilitated work sessions that produces immediate actionable consensus and alignment between all team members and stakeholders.

Once who you are and who your customers are is clearly defined, I provide an framework to help your team execute and deliver. In addition helping the team DELIVER value and maintain FOCUS throughout delivery.

I don’t design your graphics. I design your business.
My palette is “Design Thinking” and “Your customers & team” are my brushes. Your business is my canvas.

I am not a graphic designer, I am a Business Designer, I am a User Experience Designer. The CORE of what I do is to make sure your business consistently delivers value to your customers and that your customers are delighted when they interact with your business across all touchpoint.

My name is Segun Adebayo, you can call me SAGE and This is a movement initiated by Jose Caballer which I strongly believe in. A movement to change how designers work in the 21st Century. To love what we do. To create value. To thrive. To trust the process. To be in one mind with our clients. To solve business problems and leave a legacy.


Originally created by Jose Caballer