A poem

The Blazing Sun by Subha Sreenivasan


It is a Blessing
To have filled the cup of your father
With water as clear as the morning sky.

It is a Blessing
To have tasted the soup of your mother,
The sweet leaves of Owerri
That makes you forget every worry in your heart;
That makes you remember
You and your home are never apart.

It is a Blessing
To watch your siblings,
The shadows of your childhood
Grow into men of honour
And women of courage.

It is a Blessing
To hold the gaze of a child.
To see a face light up
With the innocence and hope
Of someone unblemished by this world.

It is a Blessing
To wake up each day
To see the sun rise in the east
To feast on the plenty
That has been given to you by God.

It is a Blessing
To never forget the down-trodden
To never forget the weak
The broken and forsaken
To hold each person in the light of their dignity
To lift those who have fallen
And mend those who life has bruised.

It is a Blessing
To uphold the values of the past
To live in the present
And to never forget the future.
To always remember that we do not come last
That the world doesn’t end
When our stories do.


I’ll be publishing poems from my work titled “The Soliloquies of a Stranger” over the next couple of days. Please leave a comment if you’re touched by any of them. Thank you.

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