My Biggest Fear

A poem

Fear by Ty Agha


My biggest fear is that I have loved
I have loved the Love of a lifetime
And I am only twenty-four
What then becomes of me?
What then becomes of my endless years?
What then becomes of my heart?
Cursed to be frozen for an eternity
With no sun to thaw what years have turned cold.

My biggest fear is that I have given you
An incomplete piece of me
Not the golden one you deserve
But the one made of wood
Brittle and splintered
Broken and forsaken
Weathered by storms unseen
Ravaged by beasts unknown.

My biggest fear is that I am wrong
That I do love you
But have forgotten how to
That winter has wiped the sweet taste
of spring from my heart
And I can no longer tell that the trees are green.


I’ll be publishing poems from my work titled “The Soliloquies of a Stranger” over the next couple of days. Please leave a comment if you’re touched by any of them. Thank you.

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