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Written to Gravity by EDEN

I have probably told myself this story far too many times. So it is possible that these words no longer hold any meaning to me, but maybe to you they might. That is always the general hope.

I stood on a sea shore a lifetime ago. I wore a plaid shirt, with a hat on my head, and shades over my eyes. More importantly I wore my heart on my sleeve, bright red, with a pulsing that suggested in that moment that I would live forever under the evening sun; with the crash of every wave reminding me of how even the most dangerous things in life retain a certain beauty, a certain attraction, a certain pull that words will never adequately do justice to.

I remember the gentle feel of your hand on my shoulder, and how the lights bounced delicately off the gold watch on your wrist, as your fingers moved to intertwine with mine. Nothing I had ever held had fit so perfectly. I closed my eyes to everything beautiful around me, to allow myself a moment in darkness, to allow myself a moment to wake from this dream. “Life should never be this perfect” said the Shadow in my head and I’d be foolish to ignore this.

The world remained as it was, when with a gentle sigh, I opened my eyes: The evening sun; the crashing waves; the gold watch, my promise to love you till time stopped dead in its tracks never to walk again; your fingers still holding on; and you, and your smile, the reason why everything else glowed, even the sun.

You turned to me and said something, with a laugh and a wink. I could only make out the “We should…” before the waves drowned out the rest of your words. Something tells me those words were important, because you let go right after, stepping closer to the water, letting your feet sink in the wet sand till the next wave came and washed them clean.

I closed my eyes one more time, but this time I knew before I opened them again; The Shadow had been right all along. I opened my eyes to the sunlight streaming through the little gap left by the partially drawn curtain. I opened my eyes to the aching hole in my heart. To my left was an open journal with the following words:

“The Waves
They are here
They are here at our walls
At the barricades
With every knock they recede
Like a beast waiting its time
Or the ocean taking in its breath
Then they come again
More relentless than the last
More persuasive than before

The Waves
They are asking for you
For my Wonder-wall
My one last claim to heaven
The barricade of my soul
The walls keeping my demons at bay
I fear more for me than for you

The Waves
They are here again
And this time they do not recede
They do not ask
They take without question
Deaf to my pleas
Blind to my plight
I wish I could fight
I wish I could scream in defiance
In outrage at this unfairness
But my fists fail me
My voice is but a whimper in the storm
I sink to my knees in tears and anguish
As my world washes away around me

The Waves
They have left
And you with them”

I picked up the journal and closed it. Today is a new day. A new day without you, but no less beautiful.

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