Majority of us know how hard and frustrating it looks like when kick starting a career in web development especially when you have to learn it yourself with a whole lengthy videos tutorials or PDF compiled notebook, but the interesting thing is that you can take bold step by applying for a simple project, hackathon or better working with a professional teams . This method will help you learn faster because you will look for all means to get the project done and also on the other side, you are learning.

According to “The World Economic Forum” Web developer is ranked 10th position in the world best jobs with salary of about $66,040.

This has made young developers tend to focus more on the prize of the job or the high amount of money a developer earn per project or per month, than focusing more on getting knowledge of the skill, they just want to start earning as soon as they start learning.

Flashing back when i took the decision of learning by devoting 6 hours of my time per day to tutorial videos, online courses i.e

And PDF notebooks..


Text Editor: Starting as front-End developer, i found it difficult choosing the most suitable Text Editor Software.

So,i started with Notepad++ and then graduated to Atom, Sublime text. Obviously we have a lot of editor software such as Textpad, Bluefish, Aloha Editor, Bracket etc. But not until i discovered the most suitable one for me called Visual Studio Code”

Visual studio code basically, helps you to write code, helps in debugging and corrects the code using the intelli-sense method and it is very user friendly .

The 3 Major Technologies that Revolves Around Front-End

  • Html : Hypertext Markup Language
  • CSS : Cascade styling sheet
  • Javascript

Basically, when i started with Html, it was looking so confusing diving into CSS and JavaScript, but later i realise how simple and interconnected they are .Hence, Html is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies called CSS and scripting languages such as JavaScript.

Learning Process

Let me share the 2 resources online that you can run into as you do some Google searches for items in case you have any to reference some kind of resources. They are:

Basic Html Tags to know as a Beginner

An Html element usually consist of a start tag and end tag, with the content inserted in between them.e.g

<tagname>Hello World </tagname>

<!DOCTYPE> this defines the document type

<html> defines an Html element

<head> contains metadata/information for the document

<title> defines the document body

<h1>to <h6> defines HTML heading

<! — … — > defines a comment.

My 5 Tactics to Learn

  • Space out your study sessions over time
  • Change up your study environment
  • Practice often
  • Seperate process from progress
  • Exercise the body before studying.

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