Our baby is growing…

I remember the early days of writing the code for Nervsuite (alone); fun, hectic, so many mistakes and so many things to learn. Nervsuite is a business solution for SMEs that is developed on the .NET platform.

After several months of coding and getting the platform to a “good” point, we decided to make it available to clients. I remember how myself and Okaseun Oluwafemi (Our BDM at Heathway Tech) had to speak to several business owners, trying to convince them of why they needed a business solution for their processes. We spoke to quite a number of folks, and luckily in February this year, we got our first sign up. Boy were we happy as the potential of growing the number became more real than ever before.

Today I pulled up the statistics of what was going on with Nervsuite and this was what I found out.

Nervsuite has

  • Processed over 1000 invoices and emails on behalf of subscribers
  • Sent over 2000 bulk message broadcasts to our subscriber’s clients
  • Processed over 10 million naira worth of business transactions for our subscribers.

These numbers might not mean so much to some other persons but to us, we are excited but not content! I look forward to the day when these numbers would be our daily stats but while we work towards that, we’ll celebrate this right here.

Today, I am not the only developer on the NervSuite product(s)…oh yes, we got some other products in the pipeline and I look forward to telling you about them soon enough.

You can learn more about Nervsuite here: Learn more

And you can sign up to Nervsuite here: Sign Up

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