Discrimination and the Spread of HIV In Indian Women’s Prisons

HIV, once a medical mystery, has seen developments in the past decade. However, with no cure having been identified thus far, prevention is key through measures like community-centred care systems, disease management, and antiretroviral treatment. However, countries like India, prevention is not always possible due to shortages of government funding, lack of availability of pharmaceutical remedies, and the absence of treatment facilities.

Almost 2.1 million people live with the virus — and a high percentage of this population resides in Indian prisons, which house 134,168 prisoners in overcrowded facilities. The…

Motherhood is a universally difficult phenomenon, irrespective of context. It is a primal task to conceive, bear and give birth to a new life form, and I believe we, as a society, do not take enough cognizance of the enormous biological and emotional weight of this phenomenon — which is indicative of the general attitude towards women in society, even in our supposedly progressive modern era. This is why the issue of maternity for female incarcerated prisoners seems to be on the fringes of society, such that it hardly seems real, or worthy of attention.

According to data published by…

Sehar Vedi

High-school student with a focus on Psychology, Penal Reform, and Women’s Empowerment. Founder of Project Epistolary; now establishing Prison Action Network, IN

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