Pink Sapphires: New Trend In Engagement Rings

Trend in Pink Sapphires

Nowadays pink color is immensely popular among girls and a few guys. Pink sapphire engagement rings are gaining popularity and various shades of pink are in a strong trend from past few years. Before buying pink sapphire engagement rings, you need to know about some facts about pink sapphire stones that you can read in this blog.

The main factor for this trend is that the brides are choosing a ‘blush themed wedding and wedding gown’. The light rose shade is very popular and in order to match their theme girls like to wear pink diamonds rings. Since these rings are quite expensive, so pink sapphires are the best choice for these brides.

Difference between Pink Sapphires and Ruby:

Pink sapphires and Ruby gemstone are sort of the same stone. The only difference is the gemologist’s color grade. Hence, pink sapphires can be dark pink, light pink, purplish pink and orangey pink.

Different Shades of Pink Sapphires:

Pink Sapphires ranges from intense magenta to popular light pink also known as ‘baby pink’. Some stones have more purplish tone, whereas some have more reddish tone. The best Pink Sapphires are dark pink tones or highly saturated medium tones. Well, rest it depends on the taste of an individual.

These days, the most coveted pink sapphire colors in the market are saturated purplish red hues with a medium tone. This stone is also known as hot pink or bubble-gum pink.

Different Colors of Pink Sapphire


The best pink sapphires are those that have very few inclusions or inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. In lighter pink stone, inclusions can be seen easily.

Clarity grading is a general process in sapphires and its value factor is low as compared to that in diamonds. Still, always choose a pink sapphire stone in which the clarity is graded in the VVS sector (Very Very Slightly included) or VS (Very Slightly Included).

Pink Sapphire with Inclusions

Main Sources of Pink Sapphires:

The deposits of pink sapphires were found in Madagascar in the late 1990s. From that time, pink sapphires were found very rare and they were found only in a few locations in the world. The major sources of Pink Sapphires are Sri Lanka, Myanmar and East Africa.

Sources of Pink Sapphire

Different Cuts:

Some people think that cut refers to the shape of the stone. But this is not true because cut refers to the facets on a gem’s surface that allow light and color to shine through it. This is important in case of light colored stones. Due to poor cut, the stone will look lifeless and dull.

Different Cuts of Pink Sapphire

Heat Treatment:

Usually, pink sapphire gemstones go through heat treatment. This is because the pink stones when come out of the ground are too dark and purplish in the shade. This heat treatment does not jeopardize the stones integrity as it is a low heat treatment and only alters the color of stone. There are some unheated pink sapphires, but their price is comparatively higher as compared to treated pink sapphires.


Pink sapphires are very rare stones, although they are not expensive as compared to pink diamonds. Pink Sapphire stones that are untreated, free of inclusions and possess superior colors are expensive.


Pink Sapphire stones are composed of mineral corundum that is colored by trace elements of chromium. If the chromium content is higher then, the stone is a ruby gemstone. It is very difficult to differentiate a ruby and a dark pink sapphire for the Layman. Only Gemologists can inspect the stone and can tell the difference by giving it a color grade.

Price of Pink Sapphire:

The price of pink sapphire depends on the size and quality of stone. The factors affecting the price of pink sapphire are carat, weight, cut, clarity and treatments.It is important to buy certified gemstones as it means the gemstones are real.

Pink sapphire Engagement Rings:

Usually, you can set pink sapphires in any metal, but pink sapphires set in platinum or white gold rings, increases the beauty of stone. Recently oink sapphires have been set in rose gold jewelry that emphasizes the warmth of the feminine pink. This ring is perfect for blush theme wedding fashion.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring


Pink Sapphire symbolizes trust, loyalty and sincerity. Hence, your engagement ring cannot have better characteristics. Pink Sapphire engagement rings are perfect for couples as this will remind you of the special bond that you share with your partner.