A Design Solution To Help Hurricane Survivors

About the project

Overview: This project was done as a part of a UXathon (a UX hackathon) organized by UXPA @ Pratt Institute. It was a 6-hour event, where participants competed to solve a specific real-world problem through rapid prototyping and design thinking.

Discipline: Design thinking, Ideation, Prototyping, User Testing, User Research

Design Tools: Balsamiq and POP by Marvel

Year of Completion: October 2018

Team Members: Naman Sehgal, Yvonne Chow, Kexin Cha, Sherry

The Challenge

Design a set of tools, physical or digital, that will help first responders, survivors, or people who want to help in recovery efforts after a natural disaster.

Our Approach To The Challenge

Understanding Users
Focus On The User And All Else Will Follow

The first goal…

A guide to making a career jump in your mid-20s.

Since the start of my student life, I have always had an interest in the field of management and accounting due to the tactical value they bring to businesses. That’s how I decided to kickstart my career in the field of business administration. Like so many other students in India, I used to dream of studying at the University of Delhi (one of the best universities in India for a business major) and guess what, I made it. However, after a year of toiling away in the field of management and accounting, I realized that what I was doing was…

Valuable lessons learned during a UI/UX internship at Milestone Inc.

As a budding designer, I always aspired to design and develop advanced, accessible technologies which bring about a change in the way we live, especially in developing nations. Over the summer of 2018, I got a chance to turn my dream into reality as I got a surreal opportunity to intern at Milestone Inc. as a UI/UX Designer in their Silicon Valley office. I joined the product team where I designed and prototyped screens for the new and existing Milestone products. Simultaneously I helped them with the research techniques on developing an unannounced product. …


The Great Recession without a doubt affected the country’s economy, but the state of New York certainly did snap back. It is being said that the state is undergoing its largest and longest job expansion since World War II and New York City has been the driving force behind the employment growth in this particular state. A new report from state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli found that since 2009, the city has experienced its most robust growth in modern history. In December 2017 the unemployment rate was just 4.3%, down from 10.2% in late 2009.

As a budding designer who wants…

In today’s world, usability testing is critical for designing user-friendly interfaces. These tests take on different forms and methods that help designers identify usability issues. This is critical when analyzing the bridge between design expectations and user behavior. Sensory-based technology, such as eye-tracking, has been revolutionary in gaining deeper insights on how users interact with technology.

Eye Tracking is a usability method and tool that reveals users’ focus points and navigational patterns on a given interface. It provides designers with thorough feedback on which interface elements are visible and attention-grabbing. It also effectively evaluates design/content hierarchy. …


We live in an age of data visualization where the Internet has been flooded with graphics containing useful information, be it the literacy rate of different countries or websites showcasing the change in the climate. Every single useful information on the web is being converted into images and graphics. But this isn’t the first time that this has been done. Over a hundred years ago, people found themselves struggling with their own flood of data and this is when they invented the idea of creating infographics. …

Naman Sehgal

UX Designer at Red Spark | I Design Experiences For People. | Portfolio — www.namansehgal.com

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