In my opinion, a mentor can add beauty to your life. Mentors are proficient people even if they are our peers they could be more expertise in many extraordinary things that we just want to learn and grasp. The person senior to us is experienced and trained to develop more vision. The pragmatic approach via which mentors could see life with intellect and deep thinking can help us to find things out of the box. The miracles occur via mentors motivation according to my observation. One of my fellow is so successful today just due to her mentor.

adversities turns into opportunities with support of mentors

I have send an email to Sir Dilbar Hassan CEO of NBP. He is a busy man performing a lot of tasks at a time so I also called him up to have an informal meeting to discuss some querries and some confusion I have in personal and professional life. He, as always, showed courtesy and humility. I showed much gratitude like ever. He called me in afternoon for the meeting. Thank you Sir for your precious time imparted to me from a busy schedule. Before this, I found him as a mentor when I have to meet him for an informational interview. So, thank you Amal for helping me find a superb mentor.

Waiting for m mentor in his office

After a while Sir came into his office and warmly welcomed me. I was enthusiastic to ask some important questions related to both my personal life as well as professional life.

Sir Dilbar Hassan; My mentor asking me about the objective behind the meeting

I have told him that Sir I have been appointed as a manager in IGI company so what He could suggest me? He is also teaching students so he suggested me to go for training as according to him I have great communication skills. Meanwhile, proceed your job and evaluate it; he said that experience is essential so just continue job to learn and if you are not satisfied then it is upto you to move forward. He is always of the view that self evaluation is of paramount importance and needs are significant to move you ahead. He also said that his motivations were depriviations that pushed him to the status that he is acquiring today.

Sir is trying to clarify my confusions with his convincing power

Then, I asked about my hardships in personal life. He said that you are strong women so now start owning your decisions. I can only suggest you ways but it is upto you to fine the most accurate path for yourself. Although, I am still thinking over these problems but now I am relaxed after discussing them with my mentor. So, mentors are a great moral support. Their words are magical during failures.

I have told him about my recent failure in PMS exams that was my first attempt. He was bewildered when he got to know my marks that are almost in range of toppers but unfortunately, I could not pass essay paper. He said that it was a hard luck and just try to learn from failures as they are part and parcel of everyone’s life. He suggested me to start teaching asap to get command because according to him teaching could allow to get more wisdom and knowledge. He also suggested me again to figure out my weaknesses as we all are aware off our short comings. Then, work over them and also told that his prayers are with me always for a great success.

Sir is writing up some notes to help me out in future and I am writing my points to ask; intantly I took a newspaper to write up hahaha

He also called me again for another meeting for which I am so honoured and oblidged. He said that he is impressed from my efforts for my professional career. He also told me that he always learned a lot from me. I am amazed and smiled for this comment.

Sir is so hospitable, offered me tea and I am again thankful to him for his precious time. I would love to meet him again soon and Inshaa ALLAH these meetings in my opinion would not only satisfy me but also proved to be a great support for my successful career. The moral help is so crucial to maintain a balance between personal and professonal life. It is quoted as:

“Mentoring makes a difference”

Thank you all my mentors in my life