Life leads us to great paths by getting a mentor

In my view, being a Muslim, Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) is mentor for whole mankind for all the times to come. We have to follow him to succeed in this world and world hereafter. His guidelines actually allow us to find some role models who are following footsteps of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) more than others and are learned people around us. Such competent and prudent mentors are always surrounding us to move ahead in life.

Mentors help to identify our hidden potentials and creating some wonderful personality to be inspiration for others

My first ever mentors and Alhmdulilah always at my back are my parents; particularly my father. He inculcated a lot of good things in me just by practically becoming an example. He is a man of wisdom and deep thinker. He always have great solutions for my problems and even solved his hurdles in life with complete brilliance. I always find him striving hard for his goals to meet up requirements for his family. He motivated me a lot of times when I got stucked. He is biggest supporter for me being a female to get education when my relatives criticized for it. So, my parents are light for me on a path where there in darkness all around Alhmdulilah.

My parents always appreciate my abilities and surprisingly those that I am unaware off

So, in professional life I have lot of mentors who aren’t approachable as such but I watch their videos on youtube to get their insights. These includes Javaid chaudhary, Aftaab Iqbal and Qasim Ali Shah. Othe than this, I meet a lot of teachers who became my mentors like Sir Ashfaq (my Maths teacher at school); infact school teachers were really all amazing to push to the place where I am today. Then, Sir Naeem is also my mentor who not only guided me in studies but also taught me How to lead life?

After that, fortunately when I had to join any professional field I got connected with Amal career fellowship where Sir Faizan and Sir Ibrahim are my mentors as they are training me in basic life skills required for jobs; also teaching to lead a purposeful life via becoming compassionate. Thank you both if you for awesome acts of kindness where I got satisfies and think of them as my biggest achievement in life.

In professional field, again due to Amal support I found Sir Dilbar Hassan Chaudhary CEO of NBP. He is really a learned man with great positive aura and I always feel his reflection in me whenever I get a chance to meet him. His opinions and suggestions are of great value for me. He is multitasking person with wonderful leadership skills. For me, his words are magical.

Mentors add life to your years
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