Most Wonderful Homes in The World That Can Generate More Energy Than They Consume

To earn money is now not a big deal. Some latest architectural and design techniques can help you to earn money. Here is the list of some houses that are beautiful and they can even power the house in your neighbourhood

1. B10 Aktivhaus in Germany

B10 Activhaus home can generate enough energy that it gives power to itself, 2 electric cars and the next door building. This home was designed by the Werner Sobek Group

2. Home For Life in Denmark

This home is 2045-square-foot and is comprise of 2 bedrooms. It can fulfils 50 percent of its winter heating from the solar sources.

3. Heliotrope in Germany

This home can rotate to 180 degrees to follow the sun, by following the sun it maximises its solar efficiency. The home is made plus-energy by a .6 kWh rooftop solar array.

4. ZEB Pilot House in Norway

This home is 200 square-meter and it produces enough energy that it can keep an electric car running throughout the year. This home is powered by the solar energy and geothermal.

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