“Try to go. I’m a doctor.”
“Ah, do you? Leave it, and if my brother is as bad as his fingernails, everyone can stir their belly with a sashimi knife!”
The emergency room’s attention was drawn to her as if the mood of the two opposing opponents was not serious. But the gangster brother, who had closed his eyes from before, opened his mouth.
“Two arms, stop it.”
Then he turned around, bent at 90 degrees and tightened his head.
“Yes, brother!”
“Doctor, I apologize for my sister’s rudeness.”
“Oh yeah …..”
When the man politely chopped his head, he died. After all, my brother was different. Is it strangely elegance? When the tension was released, the diarrhea turned and helped Hang Ah. The alcoholic was a man in his fifties who was conscious and dim.
“I think interstellar coma?”
The man twisted and screamed and hit the bed, and the scream screamed at him.
“Here restrain!”
The nurse jumped up with the restraint and tied the man’s arm and leg together. In the meantime, the patient continued to murmur.
“Sap the sap. You may need to transfusion 18 gage, please enema (enema) please do.”
It was time for them to go back to the station and clean up the chart once they had finished their treatment. The emergency room was suddenly noisy for some reason, and the captain of the action grabbed the surgeon’s groin and was tingling.
“You can not do this!”
“Sypal, where the student come from the fuck you’re the one, professor, call the professor!”
“I’m a student, not a student. I’m not a professor right now.”
“Oh, I do not know that. Anyway, bring a higher person!”
“If you do, I’ll call you for the fourth year.”
The leader of the action also calmed the excitement for a while. It really killed the ER atmosphere. Seoljong shook his head. Although he continued to watch the patients with hepatic coma, he wanted to go to the on-call room, leaving the child with the same heart. Seoljong sighed the chart of what GNOME’s friendship is.
Suddenly, half shook his wrist against the ear of the bell and whispered, ‘Chitos’. A surprised snowman opened his eyes and looked around the emergency room. Jun-woo, who was not wearing a gown, was entering the emergency room. The nurse called the residents for the fourth year of surgery, but Junwoo was able to jump right away because he was drinking at a restaurant next to the hospital.
“Oh, Mr. Kim! Which patient?”
“Yes, hey.”
When Junwoo pretended to know her, he answered with a sleek cheek. He approached the gangster, went around and went back to the station to check the chart.
“You’re off work, but you’re back?”
“That’s it.”
As he smiled, flowers bloomed in the chest of the snow. The next half sneaked in.
“Kim Seol-jong, Mr. Park, help me when I suture (suture).”
“Oh, uh! Sure! May I help you?”
“I’m good.”
As he smiled and entered the treatment room, Jong-soo was excited to see Hang-ah while grasping her palpable chest.
“How are you timing so well?”
“Everything that’s helping society live. Go in! Don’t make a mistake.”
“Yes, yes.”
Soon my brother was taken to the treatment room. Junwoo settled down in front of his brother, and Jong-soo assisted and suture began. The snow bell was steamed with disinfection gloves and dropped on a tray.
“Dr. Park, do you use glove six and a half (6–5)?”
“Uh? How do you know?”
“Just. I remember.”
Very thin and beautiful for men, Junwoo wore sterile gloves usually used by women. I was so impressed with the fact that he could not forget it.
‘Know everything about the ship. I know how many times I pee and break. ‘
Junwoo gave his brother an anesthesia shot and slowly sewed up from the muscles. There was nothing envious about the world that was fascinated by the delicate movement of a finger than a woman.
“Kim Seoljong, because it is a very unusual name.”
The older brother lying there looked at her name tag. Seoljong laughed slightly.
“I’m a small girl, but I don’t think the pulpit is normal.”
As the patient continued to talk, blood lines stood on his forehead.
‘Are you saying that I’m still trying to sew my forearm? Do you know what Gwan could be? I will be all-in with Jun-woo right now. Shut up when you smile, Ying?
“Don’t keep talking, be calm.”
The snow bell smiled and tiled. In front of Junwoo, the voice came out even more.
“Ah, you’re sweet as silk.”
My brother blushed and smiled at her. Suddenly, the jajangmyeon eaten during the day felt bristle in the stomach, so Jongjong endured vain.
“It was nothing.”
‘Do the damn pests.’ …


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