- Avoid the temptation to sit and brood. Doing this reduces the strain on the area of the mind where we reflect, philosophise and suffer mental pain.

- Take up your old associations. Form new associations. Get busy walking, playing, swimming or cycling.

- Lose yourself in a worthwhile project. Fill yourself with creative activity and emphasise on physical aspect of activity. Employ healthy mind-relieving busyness, be sure it is if a worthwhile and constructive nature.

- Give away to grief. Cry when pain/ sorrow comes. Crying is a relief mechanism provided in the body by God.

- Be normal and as natural as possible.

- Turn to God in an attitude of faith and empty your mind and hear to Him. Perseverance in the act of spiritual self-emptying will finally bring healing to the broken heart.

- Gain a sound and satisfying philosophy of life, death and deathlessness. There is no death. All life is indivisible. Time and eternity are inseparable. This philosophy lofts and dissipates grief.

- Make prayer and faith the habit of your life. Learn to have a real fellowship with your Creator.



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Seide Agosu

Seide Agosu

I live a crazy but not so crazy life. I am the podcaster of SSA UNSCRIPTED. I am a copy writer, content writer, spoken word artist and a public speaker.