You might know about it.

It’s kinda funny the way we are feeling right now. We are just surviving out here, we are not really living. I wake up, I take my breakfast, I sit down at the living room and stare to my TV and the day just pass by me eyes. I do nothing, and I hate it.

I wish we could be out there, you know? Traveling, even if it is just in our minds. Falling in love, even if it is just for some flowers at that beautiful museum we decided to visit. MEETING NEW PEOPLE, even if it is just for that day, so that we can miss that person for the rest of our lives, and keep the hope we are gonna find them someday.

The question I want you all to do for yourselves is do we have to live like this? Can’t we change all of that? I know, it’s cliché, but I just wanted to write about it, maybe you understand me.

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