AI Nanodegree Program Syllabus: Term 2 (Deep Learning), In Depth
Luis Serrano

Hi, a bit of feedback. The program looks great, and I really want to take it and specialize in NLP, but I’m disappointed by the NLP specialization. I hope this doesn’t come off as too negative, but wanted to give some feedback.

For the IBM Watson project— nobody in the industry actually uses these IBM cloud APIs (truly, IBM is not relevant), and it feels like a big marketing pitch for Watson rather than teaching actually useful industry-applicable practices.

And for the capstone project, why sentiment? It’s such an over-used project. Every ML 101 class (MOOC or not) uses it, and if folks have any background at all they’ve already had exposure to it. So likely for quite a few people (e.g., those taking the AIND, including me) will be disappointed to not cover a topic that’s at least somewhat novel.

Or perhaps the details are not set in stone, and there might actually be other options/content for the projects?

Thanks for listening.