Don’t Don’t Cut Song Concept

7 inch Premier Santoku knife by Shun

Santoku means “three virtues”

I was given this knife as a gift recently and I immediately thought to put it to use on social media. But instead of “showing off” my gift, I ended up creating a concept video for an upcoming single labelled “Suicide” which details my relationship with someone whom used physical harm as a way to cope in difficult situations.

The lyrics currently are as follows:

Don’t don’t don’t cut,

Don’t don’t don’t slit,

Don’t you suicide again.

I want you, I want you to live.

I never understood your sadness,

sitting in the darkness,

reading dark passages,

I always thought I could push past it,

but that just lead me to one of my worst fears..

Originally published at Sein Finis Official Site.

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