I am ignorant — what is a glosas? A rewrite in your own words? Like (My) Song of Myself?
Judy Ann Giorchino

Sorry, it’s actually getting better known but is still a somewhat obscure form. I was introduced to it by the late Canadian poet P.K.Page who did a whole book of them, “Hologram”. As Page explains it — the glosa has an opening quatrain taken from another poet (I love Neruda for this) — then is followed by four ten-line stanzas, their final lines taken from the quatrain; their sixth, and ninth lines rhyming with the borrowed tenth. It was used by poets dating back to the 14th century and reputedly used at the Spanish court. Confused. I’ll link you to one of mine so you can see how they go …http://whenthepenbleeds.blogspot.ca/2014/04/no-oulipost-but-red-letter-day-for-me.html

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